Industrial Water
Agriculture Reuse

System Type: 3x BioReactor 350

Country: Peru

Capacity: 800 m3/day with capacity for future expansion for up to 1,060 m³/day

Project description: Water used in the industrial process plant is treated to meet local regulations for agriculture reuse. The Ica desert in Peru has experienced a decline in underground water supply over the years while the agriculture sector has exponentially grown. The demand for potable water for human use in Ica has also grown, thus the reuse of water for agriculture has become a good alternative.

As a side product, the bio-sludge produced by the treatment plant is also being used to compost and create high quality fertilizer which is also used by the company. This Solution falls under Sludge Handling. Please refer to this section in the Solutions tab for more information.

Floating Cover Upgrade

The intense sun and heat from Ica, Peru allows for algae formation and evaporation in stagnant water. Around 1,000 Shuriken floating covers have been placed to cover the surface area of the clarifier and thus minimizing algae bloom and evaportation

The robust design of the Shurikens combined with UV protection, has been tested and proven to ensure a very long service life resistant to all weather without maintenance, very easy installation and automatic distribution in the liquid area.

Over 300kg of recycled plastic bottle caps were used to manufacture the Shuriken floating covers for the clarifier.



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