Shuriken Floating Covers

Floating Covers

The Shuriken Covers, a Biosfera proprietry product manufactured from 100% recycled plastic - Polypropylene, are the ideal solution to cover any liquid surface such as lagoons, reservoirs, tanks, swimming pools, etc.

The exposed liquid surfaces are subject to various problems that may compromise water quality, whether for agricultural, mining, municipal or recreational use.

With the Shuriken floating covers you can control:

  • Evaporation
  • Emissions
  • Thermal loss
  • Bad smells
  • Algae formation
  • Microorganism formation
  • External contaminants
  • And the list goes on...

  • The solution

    The design of the Shurikens ensures 99.9% coverage of the liquid surface and therefore ensuring absolute control of the previously mentioned points, this includes:

  • 95% reduction in water surface evaporation
  • 90% odor reduction
  • High reduction of organic growth
  • High reduction of heat loss

  • The robust design of the Shurikens combined with UV protection, has been tested and proven to ensure a very long service life resistant to all weather without maintenance, very easy installation and automatic distribution in the liquid area.

    Manufactured under strict Australian quality criteria, the Shuriken covers are a reliable and low-cost product that, in addition, contributes to the care of our environment through the recycling of plastic.


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