Shuriken Sentinel

What is it?

The Shuriken Sentinel is based on a standard Shuriken, with Sentinel modules attached to the proprietary shape of the Shuiken allowing real-time data capture of water properties.

How does it work?

Each measuring module fits into the Standard Shuriken. These modules have sensors to detect oxygen level, temperature, metals (Copper, Zinc, Lead etc), as well as pollutants like arsenic and cyanide. The information is sent back live via WIFI for real time measurements of exactly what is in the reservoir.

As well as performing the basic functions of the Shuriken Floating Covers, the Sentinel performs data collection that is required to accurately manage water bodies. In mining, for example, it is important to know how much copper, zinc etc is being released into tailings dams, to ensure proper recovery rates are met. Likewise, it is important to measure levels of pollutants in reservoirs to ensure proper management of effluent is taking place. For agriculture and drinking water reservoirs it is important to be able to monitor the health of the water body.

Using Shurikens and Sentinels this is able to be done in real-time. It is possible to create a real-time map of the health of the system so one can take action quickly to correct any issues that may take place. Depending on the size of the water body several, one or even hundreds of sentinels can be installed in place to create a real time map of the health of the water body.


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