Sludge Handling

The untold story

Sludge from water treatment is often ignored or seen as a huge problem to dispose of. In some cases even dumped into the ocean or rivers without being previously treated.

What can we do with it?

Biosfera see biosludge as a great resource to create organic fertilizer and our solution uses the processes given to us by nature to produce this high level natural fertilizer.

Once dewatered, the sludge is composted with other kinds of waste from sawdust, green vegetable waste, and farm waste.The Biosfera dewatering, drying and composting solution for biosludge is quite simple, using the natural process of decomposition, natural disinfection through heat, and is composted to form an excellent natural fertilizer. This fertilizer is high in nutrients that plants need to flourish.

The Biosfera 'Biosludge fertilizer' solution returns the valuable nutrients back to the soil where it is needed.

Dewatering Systems

Depending on the wastewater treatment plant, or project in general, we are able to provide all types of solutions for sludge handling that will satisfy our clients' needs. In some cases a simple holding tank and drying bed with a 'French trench' will suffice, however, in other circumstances a mechanical solution might be the better option. Biosfera offers dewatering and bagging systems for easy sludge handling, ready for safe disposal. And, like all of our solutions, these plants are also scaleable

The bagging systems are a complete and very compact dewatering plant, equipped with a bagging module, polymer preparation unit, polymer dosing pump, sludge feed pump, inline mixer, level probe, control panel and all else necessary for complete automation. The dry solids can be safely disposed of or may be used for composting.


How can we help?

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